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Breeding trio of Royal Palm Turkeys

Posted 1/24/2015 2:05pm by Alan & Amy McKamey.

Well our turkey adventure officially started today.  We went and picked up a breeding trio of royal palm turkeys.  Our primary breed of choice is Narragansett.  We will be getting hatching eggs from a guy on the east coast in a few months.  The Narragansett is a very large turkey.  So we decided that we would also get a second breed which is a bit smaller.  Purchasing turkey's isn't cheap so we made the choice to get a breeding trio and hatch them out ourselves.  We prefer to raise all of our stock from start to finish instead of doing just a feed lot type operation.  

They are in the training pen right now in Tuff's area.  They won't stay in this area and will probably move to one of the lots further back behind the barn.  These birds can fly quite well and we prefer to keep them as far from Rambo as possible as he tends to destroy anything that is in his yard.  Including my shipment of felting supplies that came yesterday from Ups.  It doesn't seem to matter that we have a sign stating working dogs on duty do not place anything inside the fence, do not enter without permission etc. etc.  The UPS guy comes right on in anyway.  .  We will be training Mosby and Josie primarily with the turkeys however it is best Tuff is accustomed to them as well as they will at some point fly the fences I am sure.

We are excited about this new adventure and hope that everyone is looking forward to some wonderful pasture raised heritage turkeys for thanksgiving this next year.