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Fox in the hen house

Posted 3/15/2015 10:37am by Alan & Amy McKamey.

So, I am hoping that I don't offend anyone with this photo and blog entry.  My intent is quite the opposite and it is to show the importance of our livestock guardian dogs.  So when Alan went out to feed the other morning this is what he found in the poultry pasture.  We knew that we had fox in the area, and even a den down at the neighbors.  We have seen fox jogging down the middle of the road during the day.  But until now they had kept their distance.  Our goal and hope is that the dogs presence alone keeps back all predators.  However that was not the case this time.  We love wildlife and our intent is to live in harmony with them as best we can.  We don't trap, hunt, or go looking for them.  However we prefer they stay on the outside of our fence.  If they dare enter the pastures looking for dinner, then thats when our dogs will react protecting their flocks.  Tuff earned his keep that night protecting his birds from becoming this little guys dinner.  He saved us thousands of dollars that night in loss of valuable birds and eggs.  We love our boy Tuff and he is worth his weight in gold here on our farm!