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Hard day to be a farmer

Posted 5/2/2015 7:40pm by Alan & Amy McKamey.

Spring time finds things very busy around the farm, so busy that there just isn't enough hours in the day.  Today has been especially hard.  I have been here today by myself as Alan is at work and Morgan is with his dad.  The weather was beautiful today and it would have been a perfect day to be planting in the garden.  However I found most of my day spent taking care of a very sick little bottle piglet we have.  I had so much planned to do today but most of those things got put on hold when I had to check, feed, doctor, etc. that little piglet that needed me more.  These types of days are tough in many ways and its just all part of farming.

I had errands to run today and since there was no one else home I found myself loading her up and taking her along.  The hardest part of all of this is that she has some sort of brain issue and the chances of her making it are very slim.  She has been having seizures all day and even though I am keeping food in her, warm and hydrated theres not much else I can do.  My many years as a vet tech taught me everything I need to know to take care of this little life however not sure that it will be enough.  Of course there are many others that needed my care around here as well today.  I had ducklings to take from the hatcher, and all of the other animals to take care of as well.  

These kind of days are hard, but I have to tell myself to stop and look around at all you have done and the lives you have saved.  Like this little bottle baby who is now out with the flock.  He hasn't figured out that he is a lamb yet though and would rather be with people or the dogs.

Or I can take a look at all of the happy healthy and very silly little piglets we have out in the barn and pastures right now.  Like this shot of CLara with her babies.

It is likely going to be a long rough night for me tonight, but I wouldn't change this life for anything.  Farming is where I belong good days and bad.