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Hopping busy easter weekend

Posted 4/5/2015 12:25pm by Alan & Amy McKamey.

Finding time to do a blog entry these days is pretty tough.  But I promised myself I would try to do this at least once a week.  So here I sit trying to squeeze in just one more thing into my day.  SPring has finally arrived and so has all of the jobs and hard work that goes along with it.  I know it is easter weekend, but a farm doesn't slow down or stop even for holidays.

Yesterday ALan and I started our day off by a litter of pigs born in the barn when he went out to feed.  It had gotten a bit cold the night before, and she had obviously started without notifying us.  We lost one in the process and had one very cold but it came around.  Once getting things all situated with Clara and her new brood and everyone else fed.  We started on the rest of the tasks, but already now running behind.  Alan moved a round bale then to the garden to till.  I headed back up to the house to check on the hatching ducks, baked a loaf of bread, cooked up 2 pots of eggs to feed, and worked on laundry.  After lunch we both worked in the garden hauling compost and getting the onions planted.  We planted almost 10 lbs. of onion sets!  Once we got those in the ground it was off to the barn again to do evening feedings.  ALong with that we had Martha's litter of piglets from the weekend before to ear notch and castrate.  It was getting fairly late by the time we made it back up to the house.  We had dinner, then still had eggs to process, lamb to feed, ducklings to move to the barn, and a grocery list to prepare for today.  It was almost 10 by the time we could sit down, and at that point heck might as well go to bed!

Alan is working today and Morgan is still with his dad, so that leaves me to tend to things.  Thank goodness for a wonderful husband who got up early and fed before work.  I didn't sleep in though as up to move ducklings to the barn, a few small chores, then off to run errands.  Now I find myself quickly paying a few bills writing to all of you, then it will be back to the garden to try to get something else planted.  I hope you all enjoy this sunny day and Happy Easter!