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Reorganizing and preparation for hatching

Posted 2/22/2015 8:19am by Alan & Amy McKamey.

I spent a good part of the day yesterday moving furniture and cleaning.  We are blessed by many things at our farm, but a large fancy house is not one of them.  We have very little space to work with here and finding room for just one more thing in our house can be a challenge.  

We have big plans this spring with a lot of hatching going on of ducks, chickens, and turkeys.  We had one large incubator that you can see on the right that holds 180 eggs and an additional small incubator that holds around 40.  Last year we used the small one as our hatcher so we could keep the large one going with new eggs.  Our small incubator will be used for turkeys this year so we had to try and find another hatcher.  Incubators and hatchers are not an inexpensive purchase so we have been looking for a while to try and find one used.  We were thrilled to come across someone local who not only was selling a hatcher, but also a brooder and many feeders etc.  and for an awesome price!

Now the next issue...  Incubators have to be run in an area of steady temperature and humidity.  For us that means in the house.  Now remember we have a small house!  So that meant reorganizing not one but two rooms to make room for it.  It was quite a job, however we were able to make one corner of our living room not only hatching central, but also to include all of our egg cartons, boards, and bags for the farm.  

So for any of you who ever decide to pay us a visit, you not only have to deal with dog hair on the furniture, the smell of manure on our boots, produce and canning supplies galore, trays of homemade soap drying, but also a hatching operation!  

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