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Spring is here and so is the busy schedule!

Posted 3/8/2015 7:00pm by Alan & Amy McKamey.

This past week had us running from the start.  We had events for Morgan each evening including 4-h meetings and tutoring.  We spent three days at a farm conference going to great classes and meeting new and old friends.  We look forward to the small farm conference each year as it gives us a chance to talk to other farmers like us and somewhat local.  We always learn a few things.  This year it was both good and bad news(basically more regulations).  We had a ram lamb born early in the week and Millie had a litter of piglets last night.  We did our best to get as much done today as possible from running errands, getting groceries, cleaning pens, and sorting a new breeding group of ducks.  It has been a week of non stop running!  The bad part is we are more behind then ever lol!

We are super excited about the weather forecast for the next week.  I hope all of my friends out east are starting to thaw out as well.  Wishing everyone a good evening and a great week ahead!