Farm Renovations

Goals for 2015
Start on earthship house
Finish fencing
finish pasture huts in each pasture
Add an additional unrelated sow line
Increase to 9 breeding sows
Stock the pond
Get new tractor (slightly used)
Increase sheep flock
Start our breeding program for Saxony and Peking
Improve Ancona breeding program
Add Turkeys
Increase garden size
Attend farmers market
get NPIP certified
attend more poultry shows
add more value added products
increase the orchard and berry patches
start breeding program for new chicken breeds and continue our own cross

Goals for 2014

Start grinding our own feed, completed and ongoing
Get a new tractor, well maybe in 2015
start on the house, again maybe in 2015
stock the pond, 2015
Add a new sow line, completed
Add a new boar line, completed
start our breeding program for the Ancona's, completed and on going
Increase our hens for egg production, completed and on going
start going to farmers market, doing a CSA instead
Finalize training of dogs, ongoing
Have our first lambs born, completed
Continue fence replacement, ongoing... approx 700' done this summer
Add an industrial size incubator for hatching ducks purchased and running non stop since Feb 2014

We have so many plans for 2013 I doubt there is enough room here to even list them all.  But here is a partial list

Goals for 2013

Repair and paint all barns
Dig out the pond and stock with fish, Pond dug but little rainfall since so not stocked
Start building our house
Have our first litter of large blacks, Millie had 5 on 8-11-2013, Dixie had 6 in November 2013
Increase our flock of chickens,Currently at 80
Add heritage Ancona Ducks to the farm, done we have 26 now starting our breeding program in February of 2014
Add livestock guardian dogs, done. We have 3. 2 males and 1 female
Repair and replace fencing, ongoing
Plant, harvest and process a large garden, ongoing
Investigate ading sheep to the farm, done. We have 4
Start our orchard, We have added 6 apples trees this year
This is just the short list of activities that will go on this year at Heritage Meadows Farm LLC.  We hope to get through this list and then some all while working full time and taking care of my son.  We also hope to enjoy some trail riding this summer.  We hope to find time to share our experiences this summer by posting pictures and updates of what is going on here at the farm.  Also will be adding a facebook page soon.