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FREE delivery to Indianapolis area, Pick up at Farm to Fork farmers market every Saturday 8am till 1230pm 7802 Marsh Rd Indianapolis.  
We are online at all Item will be uploaded at some time limited now but check it out
email with your order I will reply with your total price and estimated delivery date

Whole duck 7.00/lb
Boneless Duck Breasts $16.50 pkg of 2 1 pkg left
Duck Leg Quarters $10.50 pkg of 2 1 pkg left
Duck eggs 7.00/doz Back ordered
Chicken eggs 4.50/doz Special order only
Whole Chicken 4.40/lb Sold Out
Boneless Chicken breast 10.00/lb
Chicken Thighs $6.60/lb
Chicken Drums $5.60/lb
Offal's (Gizzards, frames avail) 3.00/lb 
Whole or Half hog 2.40/lb live weight + processing
Ground pork $5/lb 
MSG FREE  Brats $7.50/lb (Regular, Apple, Chorizo, Pizza and Jalapeno & Cheddar)
Breakfast links $7.50/lb
Smoked Deli Ham $8.75/lb Temporarily Sold Out
All Natural bacon $9.25/lb Temporarily Sold Out
All Natural Jowl Bacon $8/lb
Pork Chops $7.00/lb (4 to a pkg)
Shoulder Roast or Stew Meat $6.00/lb 
Boneless Loin $6.00/lb 
Spare ribs or Baby Back ribs $5.50lb
1/3lb patties (4 to a pkg) $6.50lb
Cutlets $7.00lb
Sausage Southern style or Chorizo $7.00lb 
Smoked Hocks or Bean Seasoning $5.00/lb
Offals $3.00lb Liver, Hearts and Kidneys
Whole Lamb 3.80/lb live weight + processing (approx $50)
Lamb Sausage (Hot Italian and Hot avail) $10.50/lb
Lamb Brats (only Hot avail) $11.50/lb
Lamb Chops $18.00/lb
Steak & Roasts $11.00/lb
Ground Lamb $9.50/lb
Stew meat $9.50/lb 
Lamb burger patties $11.00/lb 
Offals $3.00 Heart only
Whole 6.75lb Sold Out
Breasts $14.50/lb 
Thighs $7.60/lb 
Drums $7.00/lb 
Our soaps are avail online on ETSY now
Tomitilo, Apple Jam & Corn Cob Jelly pints made with Organic sugar $7.00 
sm garlic  for $1.00ea Sold Out
Garlic scapes $1.00 bundle Sold Out
Dried Herbs $3.00 pkg
Herb Blends $4.00 pkg (all made with herbs grown on farm)
-Garlic Bread Seasoning
-French Onion soup mix
-Greek Seasoning
-Herb Salt
-Fish Seasoning
-Poultry Seasoning
-Pizza Sauce
-Taco Sauce
-Lamb Seasoning
-Spanish Seasoning

Local Pickup at the farm, FREE delivery within the greater Indianapolis area

To purchase our products follow the link below on LocalHarvest, call or email.