About Heritage Meadows Farm LLC

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About Heritage Meadows Farm LLC

This adventure all started when we became concerned about what we were eating and where it came from.  The more we learned the more concerned we became with our food supply and what we were exposing ourselves too.  So we decided the best option was to start producing our own food.  We started with the idea of providing for our own family by growing our own vegetables and having a few chickens for eggs.  We also planned to try our hand at raising our own pork.  We have learned that there are many others out there concerned about what they eat just like we are.  However, they have no means to raise their own.  So here we are.

Our farm is not certified organic but all our animals have free range all day, every day. We also feed non gmo grains.  We do not use herbicides, pesticides, antibiotics, nor other chemicals on the animals or the farmland. We believe that because they are giving their lives for us, we owe it to them to see they lead happy, healthy, stress-free lives. 

We have chosen to have only heritage breeds of livestock on our farm.  Heritage Breeds are, quite simply, historic breeds of animals such as those our ancestors of the past few centuries would have raised and enjoyed. They are breeds that can breed naturally, raise their won young and can survive and thrive on a pasture based system.  They are not genetically altered or "manufactured."  They are all endangered breeds, on the verge of extinction. 

we decided on heritage breeds because:

 We want to help save endangered species of livestock, and keep these animals around for many years to come.

 These animals can manage for themselves, are more hardy than modern breeds, don't need to be pampered, and are used to fending for themselves.  Besides, they are prettier, more docile, and much more intelligent than today's genetically altered breeds.

So in a nutshell, they are the only animals suitable for our philosophy of how we raise farm animals and the meat products we wish to sell. 

As you read about each of the breeds we choose to raise you will read about their natural hardiness, about how their natural habits actually help develop the farmland, and about how much better they are for food products.