Pasture Raised Ducks

Our ducks fall under the same philosophy as all of our other livestock and that is working with Heritage breeds.  However currently there are a few exceptions to the rule here.  The Ancona ducks although on The Livestock Conservancy list are not yet recognized by the APA.  Although we are leading a group trying to get that changed.  So they do not cover all the requirements to be considered heritage right now, but we hope to change that soon.  We also raise Pekins, but not your regular commercial pekins you can buy from any hatchery.  We have show lines of Pekins which are fairly rare and hard to find good ones.  We are also working with Saxony and new for 2019 Aylesbury.  We will be starting to offer birds for sale in 2019.  Please contact us directly to find out what we have available and prices.
Ancona Ducks
We started our flock of Ancona Ducks in 2013. This breed originated in America.  We collected birds from 4 different locations to start our breeding flock.  Anconas are a dual purpose breed.  They are very hardy and a great breed to raise on pasture.  They are very strong and durable birds.   This is a medium weight bird that should be big enough to be a meat bird.  The interesting pattern and color variations of the breed tend to become more important and people forget about the bird under neath so many times they tend to be very small.  Our farms concentration is primarily size and conformation.  Then we look at pattern and color as just the paint job on a nice bird.  This breed can come in many designer colors, however we focus on the original color of the breed being black and white.  That will be the first color to get accepted into the APA and all colors need t be done individually.  The pattern can be very tricky to get just right and it is very easy to produce solid white, tri colors, and under marked birds. 
Saxony Ducks
In the fall of 2014 we purchased our first line of Saxonies. We saw the need for a recognized breed for showing. We also saw the need to have a larger duck for our meat sales division. Saxonies are also listed as critical on the ALBC's list.  However, I feel that they could be more endangered then that as you just don't see them very often.  They are a fairly new breed to the APA only being recognized in 2000.  They are a calmer quieter bird then the Anconas and are teh best dual purpse breed I feel out there.  They mature out to a similar size as the Pekin and at the same time can lay as many eggs as the Ancona so I feel are the best breed for those wanting a dual purpose bird.
Pekin Ducks
Also in the Fall of 2014 we increased our flock of pekin ducks. While its not on the ALBC's list we felt that the duck will serve a purpose for showing and as a meat sales bird.
We get tested each year for npip to be able to show so we know our flock is clean.  However it is a temporary certification.  We are looking into becoming npip certification testers for the future.