Pasture Raised Katahdin Sheep

Pasture raised grass fed lamb meat


We are currently running a flock of 60 commercial Katahdin ewes.  Katahdins have graduated off of The Livestock Conservancy list, but because they were once on that list they are still considered a heritage breed.  Most people think that sheep are weak animals, but I definitely don't see that in this breed.  Other then managing parasite loads this breed of sheep pretty well fends for themselves.  They are great mothers and will breed back to where some ewes will give you 3 sets of lambs in 2 years.  Their color diversity is endless and even though it is just for our personal preference and we get nothing out of it we choose to breed towards color.  We love the color varieties that we have been able to achieve.  Our sheep are only given a very small amount of grain to just train them to the bucket for moving them.  They are primarily grass fed.  Starting in 2019 we will have limited numbers of ewes available. We also will have ram lambs that can be used either for breeding purposes or for freezer. They will be of various ages as we work towards certain traits in our flock.  All ewes we have are proven great mothers.