Show Results

Morgans 2018 4-H State Fair Poultry results


Pilgrim Geese

old goose 1st, best of breed, champion medium, champion goose, Grand Champion Waterfowl

old gander 1st reserve of breed

young goose 1st

young gander 1st

Commercial Waterfowl

old drake 3rd

old duck 1st

young drake 1st Grand Champion Commercial Duck

young duck 2nd


old drake 1st

old duck 1st

young drake 1st best of breed

young duck 1st reserve of breed


old drake 1st, best of breed, Reserve champion heavy weight

old duck 1st reserve of breed

young drake 1st

young duck 1st


old duck 1st

young duck 1st

old drake 2nd

young drake 1st

Buckeye Chickens

cock 2nd

Hen 2nd

pullet 2nd

cockerel 1st, best of breed,  Reserve Champion American

Phoenix Chickens

Hen 3rd

Cock 1st

Pullet 1st reserve of breed


New Hampshre Chickens

cock 1st

hen 1st

pullet 1st

2018 Hendricks County Fair results

I will be a bit brief here on the show listings.  As not to take up too much space.  

Poultry show highlights were Champion and reserve champion heavy weight ducks, champion and reserve champion Goose, Champion waterfowl, reserve champion american class, reserve champion AOSB class, and Reserve Supreme Champion(Pilgrim goose)(means second best bird in the barn)

We are still the only ones in teh All other breeds class at the fair with our Large Blacks but hope that others will start to enter this class.  So Morgan gets the awards for both the barrows and the gilts.  He is hoping for some competition soon.

Our 2018 Indiana State Fair Open Poultry Show Results

Pilgrim Geese

1st in all 4 Breed classes

Best and Reserve of Breed

Reserve champion Medium Goose

Saxony Ducks

1st and 2nd in old duck and drake classes

best and reserve of breed

Ancona Ducks

1st and 2nd in all 4 breed classes

Best and Reserve of Breed

Pekin Ducks

(Heavy competition)

young drake 4th

young duck 4th

old drake 3rd

old duck 4th

Buckeye Chickens

Hen 1st and 3rd

cock 3rd and 4th

pullet 3rd and 5th

cockerel 4th and 5th


hen 1st and 2nd

cock 2nd and 3rd

pullet 2nd and 3rd

cockerel 2nd

New Hampshire

Hen 2nd and 3rd

cock 3rd

Leghorn cock 3rd

2016 Indiana State Fair

Morgan competed in State 4H this year and received the following poultry awards

2 1st place chicken hens

2 1st place chicken cocks

2 1st place old ducks

2 1st place old drakes

1 1st place old turkey hen

1 2nd place old drake

1 2nd place old chicken hen

1 2nd place old tom

1 2nd place cock

1 3rd place old duck

1 4th place old drake


Me and Amy competed in the open show at the fair winning the following awards;


2 1st place old drake

1 1st place old duck

2 1st place chicken hen

3 2nd place chicken cock

1 3rd place chicken hen

1 3rd place old duck

1 4th place old duck

1 4th place old drake