Staff Members
Alan McKamey (co-owner)

Alan didn't grow up on the farm, however looking back now can't imagine life any other way.  He grew up in Plainfield Indiana.  He is a natural when it comes to farming and the livestock he raises. He is a fireman by trade and continues to work his day job while also working the farm. His favorite part of the farm are the hogs.  Alan and Amyare President of The Large Black Hog Association.  He is the main muscle on the farm and does all of the major construction projects on the farm including fencing, building, and any repairs that need to be done.   His only regret to choosing the farming life style is that he didn't start years ago.

Amy McKamey (co-owner)

Amy grew up on a small farm in Northern Indiana.  She is a 5th generation farmer and was a 10 year 4-h member.  She always knew that animals would be a huge part of her life.  She has spent the past 20 years working in the veterinary profession and has enjoyed horses for most of that time.  She always dreamed she would find her way back to the farm, but didn't expect it to come true.  That is until Alan came into her life.  Together they have built this farm and now are living a dream come true.  Most of what she knows she learned from her family growing up. She loves everything about the farm but if she had to choose one thing it would probably be the ducks.  Her dad and her raised and showed ducks growing up and there is a special connection with them.  She is working to get the Ancona ducks recognized by the apa, and has also added a flock of the rare saxonies, and Aylesbury to the line up. She loves working with the breeding programs choosing breeders and raising all of the babies on the farm.  She also really enjoys her work with the seed bank especially her collection of well over 50 varieties of beans.  Saving rare genetics whether plants or animals is her life and passion.



Morgan Waggoner (Farm hand, son, poultry wrangler)

Morgan loves living on the farm and helping out especially with the chickens.  Like any kid he doesn't enjoy all aspects of farming such as weeding and carrying heavy buckets of water to the stock.  He loves showing poultry and swine in 4-h.  He has added JR. leaders to the line up and can't wait to be in FFA. His favorite part of the farm is the chickens.  He has won many huge honors with showing already helping to create an All Other Breeds class at our County Fair for hogs  His winnings in 2018 included Grand Champion Commercial waterfowl and Grand champion Exhibition waterfowl at the state fair.  Along with many high awards at the county level including Reserve Supreme of show, Grand Champion Waterfowl, and Reserve American and all other breeds.   When not helping with the poultry he can usually be found riding his 4 wheeler or bike through the mud, playing, or constructing something that always includes binder twine and sticks.

John Dalton (#1 Farm hand)

John was added to the team in the spring of 2018.  He has been a life saver around the farm!  He is an all around good guy and master of many skills.  From repairing equipment, to building to general farm chores and cleaning.  He is always singing or humming a tune as he works.  In his free time he enjoys fishing.  He has helped a great deal and we look forward to him being around for a long time.

Livestock Guardian (Dogs)

We currently have 5 working Livestock dogs that live with our stock 24/7.  These guys work around the clock and without them we wouldn't be able to farm the way that we do.  They have saved the stock from numerous predator attacks especially the poultry.  Not much gets past them.  They see everything that goes on including the neighbors.  They are key members to the team.