All Natural Honey Bee Lard Soap

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 Lard soap was once a staple in most houses and made from scratch. Now lard soap is extremely hard to find. It is a low sudsing but very moisturizing soap wonderful for dry skin. Here at Heritage Meadows Farm we raise the critically endangered large black hogs. Lard/fat is a by product normally thrown out. We believe in utilizing every part of the animal so turn the lard into these wonderful soaps. Lard is the only oil that we use in our soaps. It is also very sustainable because everything is done right here on our farm. 2.3oz bar

Cajeput Clove is one of our all time favorites and best sellers.  It is simply cajeput and clove scented.  It does contain charcoal that colors the water a bit but does not stain.

Awaken scent is just that a scent including eucalyptus, mint and tea tree.

Herb Garden is a wonderful mix of Herbal scents. It contains ginger, sage, basil, lemon grass, basil, and tea tree.  It also contains ground dandelion and poppy seeds.

Producer: Heritage Meadows Farm LLC
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