Ladybugs, Snails, and Dragonfly's Needle Felted Lard Soap

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Felted soaps are fun, unique and can be wonderful gifts. Each soap is individually hand stitched for a one of a kind gift. I never use patterns or templates. All of my designs are original and free hand, made with soft wool and hand dyed colors. Needle Felted soaps are made to have a built in washcloth. Take your new felted soap into the tub or shower and it gently exfoliates your skin as you wash. It also makes the bar easier to hold onto and not slip right out of your hands. As you use it soap suds come right through and the wool continues to shrink around the bar of soap until you are left with a little scrubby, perfect for use during cleaning. Prop your soap up to help it dry between uses. It will last much longer this way. Lard soap was once a staple in most houses and made from scratch. Now lard soap is extremely hard to find. It is a low sudsing but very moisturizing soap wonderful for dry skin. Here at Heritage Meadows Farm we raise the critically endangered large black hogs. Lard/fat is a by product normally thrown out. We believe in utilizing every part of the animal so turn the lard into these wonderful soaps. Lard is the only oil that we use in our soaps. It is also very sustainable because everything is done right here on our farm.

Large Round Lady Bug: Blueberry scented(artificial fragrance oil) 3.6oz.

Small Lady Bug: Spiced Cider is a wonderful blend of orange, cinnamon, ginger, and allspice with ground orange peel for a mild exfoliant. 1.9oz.

Dragonfly on round dome with brown background: Patchouli essential oil 3.6oz.


Snail on red square background: xmas orange is a holiday blend of mint, cinnamon, and orange.2 oz.

Snail on brown cone shaped background: Licorice 2.8 oz.


Producer: Heritage Meadows Farm LLC
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Large LadyBug Blueberry ($9.00) [1 avail]
Small Lady Bug Spiced Cider ($8.00) [1 avail]
Snail on brown background ($8.00) [1 avail]
Dragonfly brown dome patchouli ($9.00) [1 avail]
Snail on red background ($9.00) [1 avail]